C U R R E N T  P R O J E C T S

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Short Film


I found out about the #cormanchallenge through my agent and decided to make something in response.. The renowned filmmaker put a call out asking people around the world to make a film in under 2 minutes on their mobile phones. I decided to use the platform to make one about mental health & the power of love. Be warned it's not the cheeriest.

I'm very new to filmmaking so enjoying learning some new skills whilst is lockdown. If anyone ever needs someone to talk to, or feels alone, know that you are truly loved by many and there is always support available to help you!!!!!

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Barbie the Philosopher

I am currently in the process of developing a scratch show based around the barbie doll. In 2019, I wrote a 10 minute sketch which was performed at the Rosemary Branch Theatre and ALRA, which received great feedback. I am now developing the piece and hope to perform it at several venues this year. I hope it will go someway to raising awareness about the pressures placed upon young girls growing up in today's society.

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Online Series


In isolation on my own, I decided to make my own series called Quaranteam to keep up my acting and writing skills whilst the industry comes to a standstill.


As coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, millions are forced to adapt to a new way of living but the financial worries of some communities is too much to handle. Taking on the fight to bring financial security to the self-employed, an unlikely group of people - who happen to look identical to each other - start planning the biggest heist in British history. With the best mastermind leading the way, can the group overcome their differences to achieve what has never been done before and bring ultimate stability to freelancers across the world?

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Short Film

Don't Send Her Home

I am the process of writing a script for a film that explores the asylum system in the UK. It follows 2 woman - an immigration lawyer and a LGBT activist - as they try to navigate asylum law and their relationship with each other.

More to come soon
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Short Film

Love In The Time Of Corona

Before lockdown/isolation, I wrote/acted/directed a short film called Love In The Time Of Corona about two people going on a first date during coronavirus. 


Abigail finds her perfect match on the Dating App Corona Crush. Ignoring all government advice, she sets out on a mission to meet Roderick, a cricket-playing oddball with a love for IT. With their social distancing rods on, they meet in an underground, illegal restaurant to enjoy a meal in a time of food scarcity. Desperate to find connection in the midst of a global pandemic, will Abigail's initial physical attraction to Roderick turn into something more meaningful and can she defy the odds to find true love in the time of Corona?

It has been published by Chortle and The British Comedy Guide